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GalenaWeddings.com Picture Gallery

The following are links to Video Creations wedding video production services wedding websites. They are stills taken from the wedding video shot at the following weddings.
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Little White Church Celebration Chapel, Scales Mound, IL and Captain Merry, East Dubuque, IL

Eagle Ridge Point Patio and Ballroom July 1, 2006

St. Matthew Galena and Eagle Ridge Inn and Spa Ballroom May 13,2006

Point Patio Eagle Ridge Inn and Spa/Ballroom October 8, 2005 - Country Fair Weekend

St. Mary's Galena/Grand River Center Dubuque - July 16, 2005

St. Mary Elizabeth/Eagle Ridge Inn and Spa/ Ballroom - July 8, 2005

Point Patio Eagle Ridge Inn and Spa Galena/Ballroom - July 4, 2005

Point Patio Eagle Ridge Inn and Spa Galena/ Ballroom - May 14, 2005

St. Mary's Elizabeth/Eagle Ridge Inn - April 24, 2004

Oak Hill/ Victorian Pines wedding June 29, 2002

St. Michael's Galena wedding May 18, 2002

Video Creations Wedding Video Snapshots

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